Some Songs I Wrote

A Collection of Songs by Katrin Deetz

I’ve been playing the guitar, singing, and writing songs since I was twelve years old.  The following is a set of my top 20 songs written thus far, and are from different ages and times in my life.  Most have chords to go with them, but I wanted to publish the lyrics as a start.  I’m not saying they’re any good, or sound any better when I sing them.  I also apologize to anyone who actually knows about songwriting that they’re probably not formatted correctly.  But I’ll tell you I’ve loved every second of writing and crafting them. Music is a passion that connects us all on a deep level, and I’ve always dreamed of being part of something greater than myself.  I hope you will find something you relate to in my words.  If you want to listen to some pretty old (and slightly embarrassing) recordings of a few of them, check out my relic of a MySpace page here.

All songs written by Katrin Deetz.



[Verse 1]

I am begging to shine

A light from deep inside

It’s been awhile,

But I know it’s still here in me

Dull and dusty, like old china

Resting on the shelf

In an abandoned house

Forever forgotten


But I am sterling silver, 925

Polish me up and let me shine


Shine, shine, shine burning light from the inside

Shine, shine, shine like 925

[Verse 2]

At the pawn shop,

All the others look so nice and shiny

Compared to me, I’m not sitting so pretty

Oh but I’m sterling silver, 925

A pretty good conductor of electricity

If you wanna give it a try

Dust me off, polish me up

Bring me into the light to shine



[Verse 3]

I am begging to shine, shine, shine

Like perfectly polished 925

Sterling silver so bright

Just like a mirror

Sometimes in life

We get a little dull

All we need’s a little bit of

Love to shine again





[Verse 1]

She was only eighteen, living a dream

Big dreams, big smile

Big plans, going somewhere

Passport to anywhere she wants to see

It’s time to celebrate living big


How did fifteen years fly by like the night?

Somewhere along the way I gave up the fight

What ever happened to livin’ big?

[Verse 2]

Started with the rent check,

Became so much more

Just scraping by, forget about living the dream

Want to live big

But I’m just trying to survive

Years are flying by like the cars on Interstate 5

Relentlessly remind me I am running out of time



Is growing up growing out of your dreams?

I wanna live big, big, big

[Verse 3]

Thirty-three, so it be

All I have is now, it’s all on me to see

What I need to believe

That I did not let fifteen years fly by in the night,

No that’s simply not me

Finally I see, I am already

Living the dream

[Chorus – modified]

I don’t let time fly by like the night

I live my life…big


“Blank Slate” 

[Verse 1]

I looked ahead down the road today,

Turned around, smiled at how far I’d made it

When suddenly out of the warmth and grace,

Stared me squarely in the face, a blank slate


Life’s looking me right in my eyes

I can’t just sit and watch the days pass by

Gotta go out on my own and fill that blank slate

[Verse 2]

Turned back down the old path for just one more day

Acted like the queen of the world, had so much to say

Then daybreak reared its pretty little head,

Time to move on face the music ahead



A giant vacant path lies ahead

Demanding my attention like a baby that just won’t go to bed

That glistening blank slate, so blinding

[Verse 3]

Years long ago, memories engraved in time

Like pictographs in desert stone

They’ve all got a story to tell

Now I’ve got a blank slate to fill, new picture to tell new stories




[Verse 1]

Wanna shut the world away, be myself today

Need some faith, even just a taste

I’ve been livin’ in misery, stuck behind this wall,

Wanna tear the fortress down, watch it fall


Breakdown, breakthrough

Make my way out to something new

Breakthrough, breakthrough

[Verse 2]

I can smell the roses, on the other side

Tease me like a little boy, go run and hide

Wanna the quiet the noise in my head,

Wanna live but I feel dead



Stone wall, but piece by piece not so strong

[Verse 3]

Eyes run dry like the Mojave sky

Can’t cry no more

I am nothing more than dust,

Time weathers me like rust



“Barely Hanging On By A Thread” 

[Verse 1]

Wake in the morning, to the same old story

You’re lying on the couch, I’m getting ready for work again

It’s been a long year, of getting nowhere near ahead

He’s one in ten, out of a job


And it feels like we’re hanging on, just a spider web in the wind

Loosely connected, I’m hoping that we make it


(Cause now) I’m barely hanging on by a thread

Longing for the life we once knew

Barely hanging on by a thread, unraveling

[Verse 2]

I’ve been waiting, but my faith is fading

Away just like the sunset in your eyes

Don’t know whether it’s just the stormy weather

Or is it your fault we’re drowning in the rain?




I can’t save you, I can’t make everything alright

Can’t fix it, though I’ve tried

[Verse 3]

I can’t change you, I can’t make you

Want to spread your wings and fly

You’re my best friend,

Nothing less than

The one I want to shoot across the sky

So when it feels like we’re hanging on,

Just like spider webs in the wind

Stay by my side, and I know that we’ll make it




[Verse 1]

I try to push it down below

But it’s everywhere I go

Wanna burn it all away, yeah

Send it out to sea

Let me get back to feeling like me


(Oh) I need another distraction

To numb my reaction

I’m falling down like dominoes again

[Verse 2]

I walk the maze

My head in a haze

Just counting the days that you’ve been gone

It’s not enough, to say you messed up

You’re gonna pay the price for rolling the dice again



Time is up, I’ve had enough

Can’t fake it anymore

[Verse 3]

Try and stand up on my own two feet

Walk on and show the world I’m fine

Pretend that all my dominoes are lined up neatly

That I’m not suffering inside



“Dream Legs” 

[Verse 1]

Dream legs, mushy feet dragging

Clumsily toward the unreachable end

Paralyzing every muscle

Bursting with anticipation


Trying to run forward but still I remain

Treading water with my dream legs


Dream legs, holding me down

It’s time to get a move on but I can’t get out

Stuck in these dream legs, dream legs,

Feels more like a nightmare

[Verse 2]

Frozen solid in my tracks

Feels like I keep sliding back

The light gets further away

Sinking into darkness and decay




The siren is blaring, fire’s ablaze

Time to run, here’s your chance to escape

[Verse 3]

If life’s all about how you see things

Maybe my vision just needs adjusting

Maybe I’m not as stuck as I perceive

Maybe these dream legs aren’t my burden to carry


[Chorus 2]

Set free from these

Dream legs, holding me down

Was paralyzed, but look at me now

Running like a horse let out the gate

Running free from those

Dream legs


“Glass Ceiling” 

[Verse 1]

Lately I’ve been feeling, oh

Just a little unsatisfied

Tired of waking up to the same old rut,

Living hand to mouth

And I’ve started believing it’s all I’m worth

Waiting for the payback that says I’ve made it

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a slice of the pie

So I can do everything I want to do before I die


Staring up through a glass ceiling

Beneath the party, party, party where I belong


[Verse 2]

I watch them all, celebrating their riches

Living like they’re the center of the world

Truth be told, I’ve had it both ways

And the richest one is the kindest one, always

But wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a slice of that pie

So I can do what I need to do before I die



The kindest one is the richest one

Happy with no strings attached, so free

[Verse 3]

Feels like treading water,

Every month a struggle

Living on a shoestring budget

Hoping the car doesn’t break down

So wouldn’t it be nice if I could have just

A little slice of that pie

Just another way to do all the things I wanna do before I die




[Verse 1]

She opens up her eyes,

Suddenly aware of all the lies

She knows it’s time…

Memories fall, like waterfalls

Pouring down the cliffs of yesterday

Pouring down, down, down


If home is in my heart, I can’t find it here

Jeckyl and Hyde, both screaming in my ear

I am homeless, homeless

[Verse 2]

By myself again,

Left you alone at the corner

Once together, now undone

History runs deep, but now feels so shallow

Just memories in the past, there is no now



I don’t know where my home is anymore

But I know it’s no longer with you

[Verse 3]

I hurt you like a lion kills its prey

Sharp claws are those words I say

They strike you down, lightning on the sea

You never saw this side of me



“How Long?” 

[Verse 1]

I’m trying to shed my skin

I want to break out of this prison I’m in

Winter wind’s howling, leaves flying past

High tide’s rising, water’s coming fast


How long?

‘Til I set myself free

Open my eyes, see the signs around me

It’s time to say goodbye, time to say goodbye

[Verse 2]

You sure like to tell me, how I’m almost good enough

If I just change who I am, then maybe you’ll give me your love

But now I see, your shadow’s come to light

Everyday’s just the same, it’s not worth the fight



My eyes are open wide, and there’s no reason now

It’s time for this bluebird to fly away, fly away

[Verse 3]

But I wake in the morning, to another cloudy day

To the silence between us, things we need to say

Held down in the blue water crashing overhead

Hold my breath and count to ten, somebody give me some air



“I Can, So I Do” 

[Verse 1]

The sound of my voice

Never sounds good enough for me

Always straining for something more

Never seem to stay on key

But there’s a true love

I simply need to, I must

Even if I’m the only ears

Listening with rose-colored headphones


But I can, so I do

Because I want to, need to, love to, have to,

I can, so I do

[Verse 2]

I push too hard

For your uh-huh

Trying to find where I stand among the crowd

Do I fit in here?  With the real housewives of Anytown?  

I find myself alone all the time,

Just me myself and I

Because I’d rather sing the truth

Even if it only falls upon my own ears


[Verse 3]

With every single day that passes

Time’s running out for the things that we love

Like spring wildflowers, bursting with life

Then fading away

Though I may sing off key, though I may try too hard

As long as I’m here

I’ll be doing what I love to do

Because I absolutely need to



“Only You” 

[Verse 1]

Only you can decide how you live your life

You gotta let your fears go, know it’ll be alright

You’ve got friends and laughter, it’s the good life you’re after

Just remember along the way…


Only you can choose

To spread your wings and fly

Only you can choose

How to live your life

Only you, only you

[Verse 2]

May you learn it’s okay to be imperfect

Though you may struggle it’s all part of it

It’s never too late, to start over again

You can change your mind when things don’t go to plan



You’ve got everything you need

To do as you please

All the power’s deep inside you

[Verse 3]

The easy road is a thief in disguise

Robbing you from becoming wise

Take a stand for yourself, don’t wait for someone else

Your power lies inside you


You’ve got everything you need

To do whatever you please


“Rising Above” 

[Verse 1]

My eyes are wide open, I finally realize

What it’s all about, Finally got it right

Feels like I’m making up for lost time

Thinking back on all the days I wasted, long gone


Now I’m rising above you,

Taking back my time

Rising above your disguise

[Verse 2]

I was drowning, sinking deeper and deeper

I was hanging onto, my only friend

Now I’m no longer down, no longer your keeper

Feeling freer and freer, now you’re not around



Look at me now, Standing on solid ground, solid ground, solid ground

[Verse 3]

Now I’m seeing clearer and clearer, Living back in the real world

Feeling so good now that you’re not around, yeah

Better and better, beyond measure

Flying higher than ever, you’re not pulling me down


[Verse 4]

I gave you years of my life, How quickly it passes by

Sneaking up on me like a cat stalking his prey

Little by little, my power just faded away

The light in my eyes dimmed to a smoky haze

So far away from myself, so consumed by you


I’m in no hurry, taking my sweet time


“Roll the Dice” 

[Verse 1]

I rolled the dice, I didn’t think twice

Before I threw all my chips in

I took my pain and sent it through my veins

Rushing like a driving train


It’s a long, long way, back home

To the love I had known

[Verse 2]

Stood in the rain, I just couldn’t explain

Everything I’s feeling inside

Crawled in my skin, committed a sin

Just looking for a place to hide


[Verse 3]

Looked in the mirror, tried to see a bit clearer

The fire burnin’ from my eyes

Down on my knees, heart’s aching to breathe

Drowning in a sea of lies



“Sick and Tired” 

[Verse 1]

Driftin’ along, got no place to be

My bank account’s steady losing steam

Gotta piece of paper, says I’m good enough

To get that dollar, but I ain’t seen a dime


Hard times fallin’ on us

Standin’ in line, waitin’ for a piece of the pie

(But) the line keep’s on growin’, well

We’re just growin’ sick and tired (x2)

[Verse 2]

Everybody’s strugglin’, tryin’ to get by

One paycheck away from the poverty line

If it’s all relative, no we’re not poor

But to make it here, we need something more


[Verse 3]

They’ve got a trillion dollars, throw it at their wars

Show each other who’s really in control

Once was a dream to have so much more

But now it’s all a memory



“Song for AG”

[Verse 1]

Born under a bad son

Out of the pain he was the one to succeed

He was my lover, he was my friend

But now he’s reached the end

A confused and rebellious boy,

But he somehow made his way

But all the anguish led him to decay


Fly away, somewhere you won’t be in pain

Fly away, somewhere you won’t drown in vain

Oh Adam, you know you’re cynicism kept you strong

[Verse 2]

Through all you masked to the world

I loved you even when you were cold

Cause deep inside you were warm

And that’s how I remember you

The boy at the football game

That I kissed behind the bleachers

You wouldn’t let me have white candy

On Halloween cause you knew it would hurt me

You really cared enough to stop me



“South of Mission”

[Verse 1]

Like a headwind on your downhill

Where we live south of Mission

On the lower Westside

Where the homes are old

But neighborhood’s filled with pride

South of Mission

Cracks in our sidewalks

Boys hangin’ out in front of the liquor store


We are South of Mission, where we call home

South of Mission, we’ve got heart and soul to give

South of Mission, that’s where we live

[Verse 2]

Head North up the highway

Not too far until the fancy cars

Land of castles, separated by just one mile

But it feels like you’ve gone to Mars

North of Mission, oh

The land of opportunity

North of Mission,

Where I’d kind of like to be


[Verse 3]

Living so closely

To the world of the mighty high

Sometimes makes me feel like

I’m South of all those people up there

But South of Mission’s where

We’re down to Earth

Living each day for all its worth

South of Mission’s where our heart beats with love



“Summertime Chime” 

[Verse 1]

Sittin’ in the shade, sun is creepin’ closer

Just another inch and I’ll have to move over

It’s hot as jalapenos on your tongue,

Hot as jalapenos in the sun

Wind!  Chimes!  Blowin’ in the wind

Chimes don’t rhyme with my musical rhyme

Wind!  Chimes!  Blowin’ in the wind

Chimes out of time with my musical design


Summertime, summertime chimes (x2)

[Verse 2]

I’m kickin’ up my feet, not going anywhere

Spend the day just doing what I care

The birds in the trees all agree with me

Singing along in perfect harmony


[Verse 3]

Wind!  Chimes!  Blowin’ in the wind

Chimes don’t rhyme with my musical rhyme

Wind!  Chimes!  Blowin’ in the wind

Chimes out of time with my musical design




[Verse 1]

Only thirteen, baby of three girls

Look into the mirror, see my dark eyes

Sinking into a velvet sea of escape

Makes it all feel better, til it fades away


A skinny little girl looks in the mirror

Only thirteen, my perfect world is gone

[Verse 2]

Look into my eyes, I’m crying out inside

Save myself the pain, go for a magic carpet ride

I don’t feel a thing, floating high above

Until the morning crashes down



It’s not okay, I’ve lost myself in the storm

Need a lifeline

Somebody to save me from myself

[Verse 3]

Can I go back to the days, when I was just a little child

When the world was right, everything all right

But people die, mothers and even fathers cry

Our family’s broken, I’m holdin on to thin air



“Yes You Are” 

[Verse 1]

Sometimes she gets tired, tired of being tired

Working at a dead-end job

Dreaming of a life,

She has visions in her mind

Living in a big house, traveling the world

She wants to be a rockstar, rocking hard

Rock, rock, rock star


Yes you are, yes you are,

A real rockstar [x2]

[Verse 2]

Trying to make every dollar last

Stretch it out to connect the dots

Just think positive, Mama always said

But it’s hard to do when you’re living on a thread

She wants to be a rockstar, every night she’s rocking hard

Lost in a happy world, playing that guitar



She’s looking for an answer, looking for a savior

Doesn’t she know it’s all within her

Honey it’s time to rock and roll



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