Christmas Eve Ride

I love the Holidays.  The Winter Solstice, promise of longer days in the forecast, and time spent with loved ones make this time of year especially good for riding.  I need all of the sunshine and endorphins I can get on these short, cold days, and there’s nothing like a good bike ride to lift the spirit.  With little precipitation thus far this rainy season, the trails are in excellent condition – tacky and grippy, and not muddy.

I had a wonderful Christmas Eve ride today with my husband Ron on one of our favorite trails.  I’m still learning how to find the best setting for my new GoPro, as this second edit shows, but here’s a glimpse of today’s “Drop” (that’s the name of the Bro Safari song in the video that’s part of the jukebox of songs I play in my head while riding).  It’s such a fun trail, though I’m not sure this helmet-mounted camera angle really captures how awesome it feels to ride it.  It’s a blast out here, and these trails are one of the top things I’m grateful for this year.

Happy Holidays to all, and cheers to all of the riding we’ll do in 2018!



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