Autumn MTB 2018

It’s been an exceptionally beautiful Autumn this year. Something about California’s Indian Summer always comforts me like the warm, offshore winds it brings. Each day brings new surprises among the landscape – a hint of fuschia here, a stroke of maroon there – and migrating birds add a festive flair. The prospect of upcoming Holidays excites my heart, with family members making plans to reunite. I’ll also attend my 20 year Acalanes High School reunion after Thanksgiving, which I’m looking forward to.

I’ve been doing physical therapy for my groin and hip, and will be having an MRI in about a week to determine what exactly is going on. I hope it’s nothing requiring any serious action (i.e., surgery), but am eager to get to the bottom of it after almost a year. Fortunately, I’ve been able to ride and run, with lots of stretching and some rest days in between. Happy there is progress!

Happy Fall, and enjoy the gorgeous colors!

Here’s a couple videos of mountain biking upper UCSC this weekend.

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