Flow and Grace is a lifestyle blog focusing on living life fully with awareness and enjoyment.  Flow and Grace are two letters from my ABC’s of MTB that embody my philosophy toward not just mountain biking, but my approach to life.

My name is Katrin Deetz, and I live in Ben Lomond, California. I am a Seventh Grade Science teacher, which I’m quite passionate about.  I love being outside flowing through Nature – whether on a bike, snowboard, or my own two feet.  Flow is also a state of mind, from the simple joy of appreciating a beautiful song, written word, or spending time with loved ones.

Life is good when you’re flowing with grace!  And even when you’re not, it’s still all good…

One thought on “About”

  1. This was beautiful! I get this sort of inspiration being a scientist the last 25 years! I too, love the freedom of being outdoors and am amazed at the ideas that come to me as my mind flows free in nature, such an escape!


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