Spring Demo Flow

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the days are getting longer by the minute. The sweet, downward slide to Summer has officially begun! More time for the things we love to do outside; namely, more time on my new magic bike! I’ve had my Santa Cruz Hightower LT for a couple of weeks now, and am madly in love with it. She even had her inaugural race on Thursday at the Sea Otter Classic Enduro, where I shaved 50 seconds off of last year’s time on the old Camber. Here’s to the start of racing season, and all the future trails we’ll be charging!

I had a gorgeous ride today on Flow Trail at Soquel Demonstration Forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I love this trail, and it just gets more fun each time I ride it – especially with my new bike! It’s amazing what upgraded suspension can do for a ride. And a dropper post! It’s all so new and wonderful. I am definitely in the Honeymoon phase.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and Springtime!


Riding Down a Flow Trail

Soquel Demonstration State Forest (“Demo”) is a gem within the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Its name is what it is: a demonstration of how logging can be paired with recreation. In the case of Demo, it’s mountain biking mecca for the South Bay and Santa Cruz regions. Though a bit of a drive to get to, it’s always worth it in my opinion.

Where else can you find miles of uninterrupted, well-designed and maintained flow trail within Santa Cruz? Yes, we are spoiled with a plethora of awesome trails in Santa Cruz. But when all six stages of Demo’s Flow Trail were completed a few years ago, it opened up a new standard for how long and “flowy” a downhill could be. It is beautifully crafted and diligently kept up by the stewardship of many mountain bikers, like MBOSC, who lead “Dig Days” for trailwork. Conversely, Demo also sets the bar for how much climbing you have to inure for such a reward. A 3:1 ratio of climbing to downhill feels about right. These rides will keep your endurance and strength up, no doubt.

Today’s weather forecast had snow in it for the Santa Cruz Mountains! Last night a freak cold front passed through, and snow fell above 1,500′ in the region. I didn’t see any today, but it sure felt like snowy weather at 40°F. I think the cold kept some away as I didn’t see that many people. I love the peace, quiet, and solitude of a long ride. It always sets me right.

Here’s some footage from today’s ride. Ride on!